Get your work online

One of the easiest ways to promote your work is through your website. If you don’t have one there are a number of ways to easily get your photography portfolio online.

The easiest are sites like and

Both have free and paid options and you’ll have a gallery of work up in no time. These are social sites so if you need your work to be a little more on its own you’ll probably want your own site.

An easy service for this is Smug Mug. You can set up galleries quickly and control the design on your page. You can even get your own domain name ( and hook it up to your account.

Also nice (and free) are and

Tumblr is a little easier, but WordPress gives you more options. Try both and see what you think.

If you need to get to the next level, a nice option is SquareSpace. SquareSpace enables you to build an entire website in a few clicks. You can also use your own domain name.

If you’re interested in coding your own site, there are several options that are pretty good – You’ll need a domain, a web host and a CMS (Content Management System) for easily sorting your images.

WordPress is again highly recommended because its free. You can download the code from and design your own template. There are a large number of image gallery plugins that you can use.

Some links: – domain registration – web hosting – the WP hosted version – the “host your own” version – image sharing – image sharing – blog engine
Posterous – blog engine – paid hosting and CMS
Smug Mug – image hosting