Your camera isn’t important

Getting good photos really doesn’t have much to do with what kind of camera you have. Nikon and Canon spend billions of dollars every year trying to convince us that we need to buy expensive stuff to be better at taking pictures.

This is a myth.

What matters is you. What matters is your skill level and how well you can communicate something visually by making a picture that people see something in. This matters. The latest Nikon D10 mk viii doesn’t mean squat.

We all get the gear bug, its normal. But just don’t ever think that a different camera will make you create anything different that what you already do.

If you want to get better, go shoot on an older camera that’s more difficult to use. You’ll learn how you’ll have to do more with less. THAT might make you a better photographer if you just HAVE to change your equipment.

A wonderful example of this is the work of outsider artist Miroslav Tichy.