Keep a Sketchbook

You don’t need to know how to draw. A sketchbook is only that if you’re an artist or an illustrator.

A sketchbook is what keeps your sanity. It records your ideas. Its what makes it possible to remember things you may otherwise have forgotten. Keeping a sketchbook is probably the most important thing anyone who considers themselves a creative can possibly do.

There are many apps for iPhones, iPads and the like which work great, but there’s something really charming about just keeping one with a a pencil and a Moleskine notebook. It gets you away from the computer and in touch with your soul. Apps are great, but they often lead to more worrying about how you’re going to save or share your work then actually thinking about it.

Keeping a sketchbook is intimidating if you’ve never done it before. Start slow. Remember you’re not making it to show off to others – you’re making it for yourself. No matter how crude your drawings seem – they are for you so you can remember things.

ou should write down contacts, dates and anything else you’ll need to remember. And most importantly, you should sit down with it and work on ideas you might have and try to develop them. A sketchbook is the perfect place for this type of visual development.

Just use it – you’ll get good at it just like anything else.

Moleskine 5: 9.16.07